Project finance is an innovative financing technique. It is commonly used to fund large scale projects. It is fast catching up as a preferred option for conventional financing. More and more businesses are opting for project finance. We offer a wide range of project finance services to assist our clients.

We care about the long term financial needs of our clients. We care about their productivity and business growth. We want to maximizes their leverage and ensure better tax treatment. Now you can focus on your core business while leaving your financial worries to us. Why waste time worrying about arrangement of finances when professional help is just a phone call away?

Whether a business wants to raise capital for investment purposes, grow through acquisitions or realize its value through sale, our team of financial consulting specialists can assist at every stage. we can provide confidential expert advice on a whole spectrum of financial advisory and planning services in the following areas: valuation, debt advisory, corporate finance, strategic planning.

Global expertise combined with local expertise:

Cases and assignments would be managed through your regular partner so you would benefit from seamless advice access to member firms with first hand knowledge of local regulations, influencers, financial institutions and customs – giving you a competitive advantage low risk – you would benefit from the best advice from leading financial Institutions.

Our assistance is available in the following financial segments:

Source of Finance

Lease, Equity shares, Debentures, Hire purchase, Preference shares, Term loan, Bond, GDR, ADR, EURO issues, ECB, Hypothecation

Working Capital

Letter of credit, Stand by letter of credit, Cash credit, Bank overdraft, Drawing power, Invoice discounting, Factoring, Trade credit, Bank guarantee, Packing credit, Working capital management, Sources of working capital

Investment decisions

Weighted average cost of capital, Portfolio management, Equity valuation, Capital budgeting, Capital rationing, Pay back period, Cost of equity, Cost of debt capital, Profitability Index, Sensitivity Analysis

Corporate Finance

Financial accounting, Lease accounting, Management accounting, Fund flow statement, Profit, Costing terms, Financial leverage, Capital structure theories, Dividend decisions, Financial management, Profit maximization, Wealth maximization, Net profit, Sweat equity share, Types of mergers, Mergers & acquisitions, Corporate restructuring, Derivatives, International deb

Overseas Finance portfolio

Custodial services, Safe keeping receipt, Leasing collateral, Debt instruments, Medium term notes, Treasury bonds, Debentures, Certificate of deposit, Promissory Notes, ESCROW services, Third party guarantee, Euro-clear & Euro-stream services

Corporate services

Overseas & IBC company formation, Overseas bank account opening, Feasibility study & survey report for project, Legal search of assets, Market valuation, Third party collateral analysis, Preparation & submission to Bank financing.