Financial Instruments Monetization Overview

We monetize an extensive range of owned and leased financial instruments effectively and precisely and usually within ten days.

While Moneymec has decades of experience and unparalleled expertise across the entire range of trade finance, project finance, and commodity finance products we offer, nowhere are our experience and innovation more evident than in Monetization. There is no better partner for monetizing bank instruments in the world thanMoneymec. We monetize an expansive range of bank instruments effectively and precisely and usually within ten days, and all with a transparency you’ll find refreshing. We have decades of experience monetizing bank instruments. We can monetize owned or leased bank instruments. Our typical turnaround for monetization is 10 days. If you’re ready to monetize your bank instruments click to Request Funding to get started today or continue learning about bank instrument monetization.

Bank Instrument Monetization is a low cost, low-risk method of trade finance that monetizes inactive financial instruments by converting them into cash or cash equivalent by liquidating the instruments. Monetization is quick, easy and is accomplishable using a wide range of financial instruments such as certificates of deposit, corporate bonds and bank guarantees, to name but a few. See a more complete list of financial instruments we can monetize to the right.

Monetization converts unused assets into cash which can then be used to fund imports, exports and international trade transactions, so there is very little actual cost and only limited opportunity cost because the assets were disused. Our financial instrument monetization expertise, when coupled with an impressive list of strategic partners, ideally positions Moneymec to monetize financial instruments anywhere in the world at very attractive pricing.

This is a partial list of the types of financial instruments we can monetize.

  • Corporate Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Treasury Bills
  • Bearer Bonds
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guaranty

Monetization Terms

We monetize financial instruments through our individual, corporate, private and institutional lenders, including investment banks, merchant banks, private international banks, trusts, and other lending institutions. In so doing, we never have to rely on brokers as a source of funding. That means we serve our clients directly. It also results in lower cost monetization for imports and more responsive turnaround time for clients. We perform quickly and precisely and offer reasonable terms and pricing for monetization services. Our Standard Monetization Terms are listed below.

Standard Monetization Terms

  • Financial Instruments to be monetized can be owned or leased
  • We prefer monetization transactions of $100 million or more, but we will accept transactions as low as $10 million transaction amount
  • Transaction turnaround time normally 10 days or less
  • Exceptions can be made to minimum transaction
  • Brokers and intermediaries must have a legally binding agreement
  • In brokers and intermediary transactions, contact to be between principals after initial introductions

Monetization Process

Moneymec offers bank instrument monetization services for individuals, companies, governments and other organizations for transactions with a $10 million minimum and no maximum limit. Monetization funding is arranged through our network of individual, corporate, private and institutional lenders which include investment banks, merchant banks, private international banks, and trusts. Our Monetization services are backed by a wealth of experience and unsurpassed expertise, in addition to the most advanced financing solutions available anywhere in the world.

We are also pleased to offer our clients all forms of bank and capital market financing and can combine different project funding methods for particularly complex transactions. Our experience providing financing that involves multiple project funding sources – including multilateral, developmental and export credit institutions – is extensive. When specialized expertise is necessary, we draw on relationships with a team of highly experienced advisers. When coupled with our international capital market relationships, we are perfectly positioned to advise clients on every aspect of the transaction and financing. Our worldwide network of lenders positions us to execute funding on advantageous terms, and to provide funding solutions for funding requirements outside the conventional market.